How To Detox From Sugar

Sugar, in all its forms, has become an immense problem for people living in the United States and other prosperous regions of the world. It is found in a surprising number of foods and its effects are detrimental in such large quantities.

As a result of the modern obsession with sugar, most people in these countries are overweight and the number of obese adults is approaching half the total. However, weight problems are just the beginning. High levels of sugar in your diet can also lead to high blood pressure, liver disease, high cholesterol and diabetes. These results are possible even if you have not become visibly obese due to sugar intake.

SugarThe Sugar Detox Challenge

To help people avoid the effects of eating so much sugar, many diet groups challenge others to rid their daily menus of sugar. By avoiding products with high sugar levels and replacing them with natural foods that are high in fiber or protein, people can dramatically improve their health.

Many people do not know how to get started with such a program or fear that it is a diet. The sugar detox may involve an eating plan that is similar to a diet but it does not necessarily have to feel that way.

The most important thing about detoxing from sugar is removing some of the most likely culprits from your life. How you replace them is not important as long as you do not replace them with something sugary.

Here are some tips for reducing your sugar intake and changing the quality of your life:

Do not try to be too extreme. Many people fail in their attempts to reform their diets and their health by expecting too much. They eliminate all pleasure from life. Then they fail and resume their usual eating habits.

Aim at cutting your sugar intake by half to start. Allow yourself some sweets but make an organized attempt to remove many specific items from your diet.

You can begin by cutting all refined sugar from your diet. This means no more donuts, sugared cereal, muffins, cupcakes, etc.

Start focusing on eating tasty protein foods for breakfast. These will include eggs or protein shakes, as well as a variety of nut dishes.

Focus on combining good proteins and good carbohydrates at each meal. Carbohydrate is just a fancy word for sugar. Good carbs, though, have sugars which take time to be broken down and do not impact your metabolism the same way.

Drink a lot of water. You do not need to make yourself sick but the quantity of water should be at least six to eight glasses

Benefits of Detoxing

You will not regret making this alteration to your eating habits. Lowering sugar intake will make you feel better and make your life last longer. Avoiding diseases and obesity are key elements in living a quality life. With your weight down and your metabolism free of sugar, you will note the difference in your life. Detoxing from sugar is one change in diet that you will enjoy immediately. For a more complete total body transformation:

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